Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thankful for Gifts

"I will greatly rejoice in the Lord,
My soul shall be joyful in my God;
For He has clothed me with the garments of salvation,
He has covered me with the robe of righteousness,
As a bridegroom decks himself with ornaments,
And as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.
Isaiah 61:10

This may seem like a weird Thankful Thursday post, but I need to be thankful today for who God made me. It's too easy for me to fall into the trap of believing the lies of Satan which fall under the categories of false guilt, low self-esteem, and beating myself up for failures. So, today, I need to be thankful for the gifts God has given me, not out of pride, but out of a realization that everything that is good is a gift from above. He has decked me out in jewels from above - isn't that a great picture?

Ann Kroeker recently had a meme on writing strengths and I was challenged to not think about weaknesses, but only strengths. So, here are some ways God has created me that enable me to be a better writer.

1. I love libraries. I am invigorated by research - it's like a treasure hunt for me. And who can complain about free books?
2. I am a debater by nature. I enjoy organizing my thoughts into key points and my mind automatically considers the important criteria involved in a particular topic. 3. I also am a very analytical thinker, so I can break down complicated subjects into smaller bite size pieces.
4. I have the gift of teaching. Every opportunity to speak or write is a teaching moment for me. I am actually a math teacher (that may be a new fact for you!). It's ironic that I didn't study English at all in school, but my math skills extend into my writing, believe it or not.
5. I am reliant upon the Holy Spirit. Really, sometimes I sit down to write something and the words just flow straight from God. I'm only an instrument and I feel so blessed to be able to communicate God's words for others to hear.

I'm also thankful God made me 5 foot tall with all my physical quirks and beauties. He knew that THIS body was perfect for me.

For more thankful hearts today, visit Laurel Wreath. Also, DON"T FORGET Tonight is the deadline for Carnival of Beauty (Self-Control) posts. Please consider participating (in only for my sake :).


Susan said...

Happy TT Heather,

Yes, I'm thankful for the gifts the Lord has given you!

I always enjoy reading your posts. Warning, have mercy when you read mine, English, grammar, well, they are my greatest weaknesses.

I enjoy writing and encouraging others, but it's an area I could really use some HELP!

Maybe one day you can teach me!

Blessings to you,


Anonymous said...

Hi-I do agree that when I agree that when I get a negative thought it is not from God. We do have to recognize Satan's tricks and lies. I quote a bible verse and bind the enemy with the words of Jesus. You have great posts and I always like coming by for a visit. I posted,too.Come by for a visit. blessings, Rose

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for your five foot frame, your heart for God, your heart for me, your heart for the kids. I am grateful that He gifted you with enough humility and self-doubt that you give all glory back to Him. I am grateful for the gift that you are to me. Hubby

Susie said...

I am a fellow writer, but totally opposite from you. The research, discipline, and rules keep me from truly diving in with writing. I wish that I could be more like you, but your post reminded me that I am exactly who I'm supposed to be. Beautiful post!

Laurel Wreath said...


I enjoyed reading this. So often we only concentrate on the negative (need to lose wight, is that another wrinkle, my hair is flat, etc...) that we DO need to stop and focus on the positive. To bad it has to be a conscious thought.

Great list. Have a great Thursday.

ellen b said...

Those are good things to be thankful for. God has equipped us for every good work he leads us to in our lives. May God continue to bless you with your learning and teaching..

Heather said...

Heather, thanks so much for always sharing from your heart. You are such an encouragement!

Lynn said...


Your posts always intrigue me and cause me to think about areas God gives to me as well. Loved this. Also, did not know you are a teacher of math. Neat.

lori said...

YOU are beautiful..all 5 feet of you!!
What AMAZING gifts you posses too...It's awesome that you had to only think of the strengths...
challenging, for me it would be!

We have to be on guard ALL THE TIME...or we find ourselves believing those LIES...
so beautiful girl, have a WONDERFUL day....
your gifts are so special..and that you share them...even more Glorifying to God!

Cheryl said...

You have a great TT post. I enjoyed my visit with you today. Thanks and God Bless!

Tiffany Stuart said...

Love your post. God's teaching me to accept ME too lately. To focus on the fact that he made me the way I am for his good purposes.

I'm glad you listed some good things about you. In my eyes, you've hit the tip of the iceberg. Much more good is within you. Hope you uncover it and embrace you...

Vicki said...

Such a truly meaningful post for me today, too. Not weird at all! Grateful for you, Heather.

Hey! Are you really just 5 ft. tall? I'm trying to picture you, my friend. You're a sparkling jewel of a writer, and I'm thankful for your friendship!


Jenny said...

Good for you! For some reason we have been taught to dim our lights. But girl, God gave you gifts for a reason. He wants you to so something with them so you should know what they are and appreciate them they are what make you uniquely suited to do exactly what it is God put you hear to do.

Blessings to you on this Thursday-

Anonymous said...

I share your love of the research and analyzing portion of writing. I, however, am horrible at math. I got a degree in journalism and most of my writer friends are all bad at math. Its rare to find someone that is good at both!

Can I just say how totally sweet it is that your hubby left you a comment!! How wonderful to see a husband that really appreciates his wife and shares it with her on her blog. Hmmm... maybe I should do some hinting around my house!

on the Rock said...

"Decked out in jewels from above"
- I love that:)

Elisa @ Extravagant Grace said...

Heather, you are inspiring. Those gifts are certainly from the Lord, and your choice to give thanks for them today is exactly what we are supposed to do as His creation. Let's make a habit of doing that more often, shall we!

Blessings, always!

Denise said...

I enjoyed this.