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Life Vacuums

We were having a typical Bible study conversation this morning in our 20’s and 30’s Sunday morning class when my friend, a spunky farm wife/volleyball coach, said “Sometimes Life Vacuums” and continued on with her train of thought as if we all spoke this way.

Everyone acted as if they completely understood her, because no one had the guts to admit they had never heard this expression before. “What does Vacuuming have to do with the Bible?” one member finally asked. “You know, the action a vacuum makes…that’s how life is sometimes.”

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My True Friend

The past two months have been a time of adjustment for me. It's been a good adjustment; I've wanted to be working for the past 4 years, but I've needed time to figure out how to balance everything on my plate. And that plate has gotten quite full, a bit like Thanksgiving dinner, where I try to cram in cranberries, stuffing and jello salad around the turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and green beans. And the roll and salad just have to go on the side and somehow I still save space for pumpkin pie!

Between being a mother a wife (I need to remind myself that THIS is my most important job), teaching adult Sunday School with my husband, coordinating Children's ministries at church, writing devotionals, and working practically full time as an online teacher, there's little time left for anything else.

Last week, it became apparent to me that something very important was missing on my overflowing plate.


How could I fill up on so many other things and yet leave no tim…

It’s A Grand New DayWomen of Faith 2009 Conference

The team of writers at Laced With Grace is please to announce our fall readers contest. We have joined with Women Of Faith Ministries to offer two premium tickets to attend the two day conference at any venue in the United States.Tickets include admission for two, boxed lunches and other neat stuff. I remember my first experience with Women of Faith in Dallas, TX. The sound of thousands of women worship God echoed in my ears. It was an amazing experience! What do you think God could do in your life through a Women of Faith conference?Please plan to enter our contest daily. Stop in and read our daily devotions Monday through Friday and leave us a comment. All comments count as an entry. We will announce the winner on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Tell your friends and add our button to your blog or website then let us know. We will enter your comments twice into our drawing.