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I love the scene in the old Indiana Jones movie where he is required to step out in faith onto an invisible bridge over a deep chasm. He discovers rather quickly that a little dirt on the path will show the way and confirm his suspicions of an unseen bridge. It's such a great illustration of walking by faith. We can't see what's ahead, but we have to believe that God has made a way and that He will show it to us.

When I think of walking by faith, I imagine great missionaries stepping out into difficult, life-changing experiences or the faith of Abraham, who left his home to go where God led. But, God wants us to live and walk by faith everyday, wherever we are, so it isn't always about making drastic choices, but it is always about venturing into the unseen world.

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I Spy...

In the van on the way to church, the kids love to play a little guessing game. "I spy with my little eye something blue (or red, or green, or orange...)." They try to guess whether the item is in the van or outside and this simple game keeps their eyes and minds occupied for quite a while.

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