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The Rapture's Here!

This week, I'm thankful for the eyes my children give me to see Jesus in a new light:

Being the child of a teacher means that you have to have lessons on the couch on a regular basis. Poor kiddos. I sit them down just like I used to do with my dolls, all in a row, and make them listen to wild stories like the one about a woman giving a drink to a mysterious man who said he had living water. Or, the one about a white horse stampeding to earth to right all wrongs and bring evil to task and create justice in this messed up world.

Well, that's the story we were settling in on this week. I skipped the home drawn Sunday school lessons that I used to share with the dolls and opted for the awe inspiring story telling that could only come from the Bible.

When I told the kids that some day we might all just disappear and join Jesus in the clouds, their eyes were as big as saucers. Seriously, I thought these stories from the Bible would be old hat to them, but a little freshness and m…


Good morning! I'm over at Laced with Grace today, talking about getting refreshed! Come visit me.

God is Good

A little trip to the post office this afternoon was all it took to remind that indeed our God is good - so good, so caring, so attentive to the details in our lives that it knocks me off my feet!

So, let me back up a little bit. First of all, I have been largely absent from the bloggy world over the past....eight months or so? It's sort of a blur to me, because that's how life has been. I've been on the computer so much with my online teaching job that I just haven't had the inspiration, time or desire to sit down and write. But, there's something about writing that calms me and focuses me on what's really important.

What's really important is not the daily ups and downs of life, although God holds our hands through these roller coaster moments. What keeps me grounded is knowing that in the midst of paying bills, doing dishes, teaching, working, ministering...God is IN me. God is WITH me.

I definitely needed a little bit of reminding about that this w…

Good (?) Friday?

My eight year old daughter knows that Jesus died on the cross for her sins, but there are still some mysteries in Christ’s life that puzzle her. This week, in Palm Sunday services, she heard the term “Good Friday” and immediately questioned me a bout this seemingly inappropriate name. Why do we call this day “good” when it is the day remembering the death of the most important person in the world(God in the form of man)? What is good about that?

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