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Thankful for What?

No matter if you're a glass half empty or half full kind of person, we all need to remember to be thankful. You can read my devotion at Laced with Grace today.

He Loves Me!

When I was younger, I often allowed my imagination to create stories filled with daring heroines and dashing heroes...I wasn't exactly an author-in-waiting, but I had fun coming up with stories that put me as the center of attention with a handsome man pursuing me.

There was the story where the famous movie star noticed me and fell for me (that one took some would I meet him in my small town in the middle of nowhere?) and then the tale of the millionaire who whisked me away in his limo to shop for stunning gowns (and then he showered me with jewelry and other expensive gifts, of course) or perhaps my favorite tale of all, the one about how a timid and insecure girl found a guy who believed she could be anything she wanted to be in this world.

As an avid reader, I've realized that romantic novels seem to share some very similar traits. The story centers around a woman who needs love to overcome her situation in life...maybe she feels unworthy of love and finds it…

Thankful for Life

A light blanket of snow covers the yard and though it certainly isn't enough to make a snowman, my children have found enough snow to entertain themselves for hours, even after dark. For their mother, this is happiness! Rosy cheeks, mittens laying on the heater to dry and little drops of wetness tracked in by careless feet are topped off by hot chocolate with marshmallows as we greet winter this year.

Reasons for thanksgiving abound:

*Time with friends this past weekend, chatting and catching up

*A family date to the movies (a rare occurrence for us)

*"The Christmas County Spelling Bee" has our house a buzz with songs of Jesus' name and excitement for an upcoming Christmas program.

*Prayer: as my aunt undergoes quadruple bi pass surgery, I'm so grateful that we can come to God in prayer at any time.

As I think about items that bring me joy, I remember that God created this world for our enjoyment and He gives us good gifts every day, but He told us that there was rea…

Winning and Losing

When I was in the seventh grade, I decided I might make a good student council member since I was a quick thinker and enjoyed working with others. So, I made up colorful posters on construction paper (nothing too was junior high, after all) and placed them around the Junior High School building in hopes that someone might vote for me. When the voting confirmed the fact that no one even knew who I was (except for a few classmates who recognized me as a the mousy girl in the corner who always knew the answer), I tumbled quickly into a pit of adolescent angst. "I'm such a loser," I moaned.

Come read the rest of the story in my devotion at Laced with Grace today: