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My Dark Place

This year, I have have transitioned into a new stage of my life as I continue to juggle my responsibilities of motherhood and I have now returned to teaching full time. I teach high school students-teenagers-the NEXTgeneration (always a scary thought) and my re-entry into the high school world has caused a few eye opening moments.

As August rolled into September, my excitement and anxiety grew. I was ready to get back into the classroom and do what I love to do, but I knew it would be a time of transitions too. I thought that I would struggle this year with trying to continue with my duties as a mother and hold down a very challenging job. I thought I might struggle with the content of my classes, since I'm teaching things I've never taught before (as college level courses too!). I thought I might be drained by the demanding schedule....but I never thought I might be challenged spiritually.

I don't know why, but I kind of forgot that I was walking into a very dark place whe…