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They Almost Always Come Home

Wow! What a terrific read! This book transported me to the boundary waters and created in me a desire to return there in person with my husband while I can (he keeps trying to convince me...). The marital strife that Cynthia Ruchti wove into the plot was also challenging for me. I like to read something that takes me on a journey (or a canoe trip!) and makes me think about important life issues. The main character, Libby, is a perfect example of a Christian living for God on the outside but withering on the inside and her personal struggles were so honest and real, it made my heart break. I loved Cynthia's writing style and I was drawn into the story immediately, hanging on for answers until the very last page. This book was full of depth, character and great suspense. It had me on the edge of my seat, alternating between tears and curiosity the whole time.

The Promised Land (a note to graduates)

Remember the famous stories of Moses freeing the Israelite slaves from Egypt and bringing them across the Red Sea into the desert where they met with God? I’ve been thinking recently how their journey from slavery into the promised land often mirrors our own personal walk with Christ from slavery to sin into the true freedom of the Promised Land (i.e. living in the center of His will, filled with peace and joy, walking by faith, in the Spirit and conquering sin and the flesh). Are you at a crossroads in your life? Maybe it’s a fork in the road and big life changing decisions you have to make about marriage, jobs, children, moving, etc. Maybe you have just graduated and are starting a new life on your own. As you look at the path in front of you, where does it lead? How can you be sure it will lead you to your promised land, the place of your dreams, the spiritual place of contentment?Here’s a few things I see that the Israelites did wrong that led them to a 40 year …