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Twinkle, Sparkle, and SHINE!

During the Christmas season, we use more lights (or representations of light) as decorations than any other time of year. Candles, fireplaces, stars, little lanterns, and strings of lights adorn our trees and home in festive colors to celebrate the coming of The Morning Star. Jesus called Himself the Light of the world and then He told us to shine our lights brightly for Him and this time of year provides many opportunities to do that.
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The Crazy Days of Christmas

December can be the busiest month of the year, but somehow it still surprises me to look back at my calendar and recount all of the craziness that has led up to these last days of celebration.

The month begins with my husband's birthday and also includes my little man's birthday, so we have to squeeze in time for those celebrations on top of all the Christmas madness. We found space in our tummies for an ice cream cake one week and a Spiderman cake another week and gifts were bought and opened with excitement.

That weekend, I coordinated and spoke at our women's Christmas tea focusing on having a "Mary" Christmas. The women's ministry director had a brain aneurysm and asked me if I could take over for her. She was so sad that she couldn't figure out a way to plan this event, but God knew that within days she would be hospitalized and paralyzed on one whole side of her body.

A Christmas shopping trip a few weeks later turned into an opportunity to visit …

Let Everything that has Breath Praise the Lord

She lays in a hospital bed, not moving her hand, her leg or even her mouth without great difficulty. Her hair has been shaved around the spot where the surgeon entered to remove the dangerous blot clot and to stop the bleeding that threatened her life. Her home is being remodeled to accommodate her new needs though she spends hours each day in physical therapy re-training her brain to accomplish ordinary, everyday tasks that I take for granted.

Just a few weeks ago, she was busy teaching the children at AWANA about God's love for the world, teaching the women about God's Word, planning a Christmas tea and dinner and now, her life has been turned upside down.

How would I respond if I were to face such a challenge? If my husband were to be in this place? Would I start each day with praise, would I find reasons for thanksgiving in everything from oatmeal, silly speech or wiggling toes? Would I? (I'm rather inclined to think that I might be resentful, frustrated and depressed by…