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Mercy Rising

About two years ago, I went to a writers' conference in Wheaton Illinois. It was such a blast meeting all kinds of people who also had a passion to share their love for Christ through the written word. I felt a little intimidated by those who had been through this experience before, but I found a friendly face in a young woman named Amber Robinson. A group of us stayed up late, eating chocolate in the student lounge in our dorm housing. We chatted until the morning, just like college kids, listening to each others work, giving friendly critiques and deserving encouragement.

When Amber shared her passion for reaching real people with real ways to be more compassionate in a busy world, I knew she was onto something! I'm so excited to give you a little glimpse into her first book, Mercy Rising.

Mercy Rising is all about how we can be agents of God's mercy in a needy world, and how to do it NOW, within the limitations you face each day. Amber shares her own challenges with…