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40 Resolutions for 40 years

Jonathan Edwards and his 70 resolutions for his life inspired me to write up a few of my own.Of course, he wrote them when he was 19 years old!Anyways, here are my resolutions that define who I want to be and how I want my life to be lived.They aren’t really just for my 40th birthday, but it did seem like a good time to put these things down on paper and organize my personal goals and visions for my life.I resolve to:
Live life to the fullest, with wonder and anticipation for God’s workMake every moment count, not allowing TV or internet to steal my valuable timeTake time daily for meditation and solitudeSpend time daily in prayer and worshipRead Scripture every dayDo the things that care for my heart and restore my soul with creativity and funContinue to grow and learn by reading challenging booksMake fellowship and connectedness a priority weeklyLove my husband deeply and unreservedly with time, actions and words Be characterized by f…

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