Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In the Beginning was the Word... (Sola Scriptura Part 2)

Psalm 119:18
“Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.”

Psalm 119 is an acrostic poem in Hebrew. This is my attempt at creating an acrostic praising God’s word in English (sorry, I don’t really know Hebrew!). Some of this is quoted directly from Psalm 119 and some of it is paraphrased.

A – Ancient words, ever true, changing me, and changing you. Your words may be ancient, but they are timeless.
B – Blessed are all those who walk according to Your Word. Blessings abound when we live within the confines of your holy expectations.
C – My soul is consumed with longing for your word. Oh Lord, may it be so! May I be consumed with desire and passion for You and Your word above all else.
D – I delight in your decrees. You are my delight and all Your words bring me great delight.
E – Turn my eyes from worthless things and let me fix my gaze upon Your lovely words. May my eyes feast upon the beauty of Your word.
F – Fulfill your promise to your servant because I fear You. You are trustworthy and I know You will fulfill each and every promise You have made!
G – Be gracious to me through Your law. Your word emanates grace through and through.
H – I have hidden your word in my heart.
I – Indignation grips me because of the wicked. In everything, I want to see You glorified.
J – Teach me good judgment by listening to Your words. May I learn to judge right from wrong.
K – Keep me from deceitful ways. Keep me safe within the confines of Your loving laws.
L – Your word is a lamp and light for my feet. May my lips recount your laws throughout the day.
M – I meditate on your decrees. My mind chews on each word from heaven slowly and thoroughly.
N – Before I was afflicted I went astray, Now, I obey. Now, may I live in accordance to all your ways.
O – I desire to obey Your word in its entirety. May my life be marked by obedience to Your Scripture.
P – Your precepts teach me purity and I praise You for each one.
Q – In the quiet, I hear Your voice speaking line by line in this holy book.
R – Your laws are righteous for You are righteous. These laws show me how to obtain righteousness.
S – Oh Lord that I might be steadfast in obeying your ways as I seek You with all my heart.
T – I’ve chosen the way of truth. This is the only truth there is.
U – May I understand your teaching that I might be upright in heart. In these words, I see Your unfailing love.
V – All that is virtue is found here.
W – Your Word is filled with wonders.
X – Examine my heart as I ponder your truth. Let there be nothing found there that displeases you.
Y – Your words are more precious to me than thousands of jewels.
Z – My zeal wears me out for my enemies ignore your words. May I be zealous for the truth!

After I did this exercise, I thought of Elisa’s challenge in September to go through the alphabet thinking on what God is teaching us. You might enjoy seeing what others have written as they’ve pondered this project.
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ellen b said...

Lovely, what a fun exercise. Blessings...

Denise said...

This was really awesome, thanks.