Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Fourth!

I've been recounting the past week with lots of smiles, despite my soreness.

After a grueling 3 weeks, I completed 6 graduate credits and had one week off before school starts up again.  We started our holiday on Saturday with a pool party at a friend's house.  It was wrapped up with a vicious game of kickball, girls v. boys. 

Then, we spent Sunday afternoon at the lake, tubing with the kids.  Two days in a row in the water, no one turning into a prune yet.

Monday was warm, so went to a nearby beach and played in the sand and water for several hours.  Day three in the water.

Tuesday night, the 3rd, was our family get-together for fireworks on the lake.  We had a barbeque and then hopped into the pontoon for the fireworks.  After waiting for half an hour, the kids begged to hop into the lake in their clothes.  So, day 4 in the water (before it got too dark).

We had planned to go camping for the remainder of the week, but it was supposed to be near 100, so we scrapped that plan and made new plans to go to Wisconsin Dells waterparks instead. 

The next two days were insane amount of fun, sliding down tons of waterslides and soaking up the sun.  Maybe too much sun.  Well, since my skin turned a few shades of lobster red, I might have spent just a tiny too much time in the sun. 

I'm recovering, and the kids haven't grown fins yet, even after six straight days in the water. 

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