Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Walking the Balance Beam of Grace

This past summer was the first time my daughters were old enough to appreciate the Olympics. They watched the swimming, the diving, the hurdles, and the sprints, but there was one sport in particular that caught their attention. Gymnastics. Doesn’t every little girl wish she could make her body move is such graceful ways around parallel bars or on a balance beam?

But not all of us are so coordinated (as I could well demonstrate). I can’t even balance myself when I’m standing up to sing in church, much less try to do a complicated flip on a bar several feet up in the air. That’s much too dangerous for someone like me. The bruises on my thighs attest to my clumsy nature; bumping into a table here or a chair there, I’m lucky I stay upright some days.

I feel that way spiritually too at times.

You can read the rest of my devotion at Laced with Grace....

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