Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thankful for Words

When God really wants to speak to me, He keeps on repeating Himself. I'm not sure why He does that, but I have a few hints. I do have a tendency of forgetting items at the grocery store, or things on my to-do list, or the time for an important event. Oh, all right, I'll just be honest: I'm forgetful and a little ditzy.

So, He keeps whispering in my ear until I finally hear Him.

It's amazing for me to see how so many peices can fit together into a clear message. I have been focusing on Philippians 4:8 for a long time since I need to keep my thoughts and WORDS on things that are excellent, pure and praiseworthy. Part of this process is being involved in Thankful Thursdays. Each week as I count my blessings, my thoughts are turned toward all the good that God is doing instead of toward my natural pessimistic thinking.

A few weeks ago, without requesting it, I recieved a copy of the 4:8 project in my mailbox. When I opened it, I wondered if I had fogotten one more thing. But, NOooo, I think God is trying to tell me something. This Philippians 4:8 thing isn't just a fad, but something that needs to become a lifestyle for me. Meditating upon truth, upon God, and upon what is good can change a person's whole outlook.

I've been reading Joanna's Weaver's latest book about Having a Mary Spirit and the last chatper I read was about the power of our words to encourage others. In addition, I'm reading Jennifer Rothschild's book about the words we speak to our souls. So, it's all piling up and now the sometimes easy to ignore whisper of God is becoming a loud voice in my ear speaking truth.

Words contain great power - power to lift up a soul, power to drag one down and power to change our thinking. I'm so thankful for God's Word because it is always there and it always contains truth that I need to hear.

So, it all comes back to the simple truth that God gave us His Word as a great gift and that we are blessed when we read it, meditate upon it and memorize it.

Thank You Lord, for Your Word, which inspires, redirects and lifts me up!


Denise said...

May you be abundantly blessed in 2009 my friend.

Melanie said...

Yes.. I am thankful for God's words, too!

Happy Thankful Thursday, Heather!

Toia said...

Amen!! I am so grateful for God's Word, His Truth, His Corrections, His Instructions....

PS - I can be forgetful and ditsy at times, too. :)

A Stone Gatherer said...

I am so thankful for His word too! It gives us all we need! I am also thankful for his persistance in speaking to us until we hear him REAL GOOD!

MrsProverbs31 said...

Amen to that. Yes, spending time with God through meditation builts a strong relationship with Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.

Laura said...

Hi, Heather, I read your post on Lelia's blog and thought I'd stop by. It sounds like God is doing a wonderful work on you through examining your thoughts. This Jennifer Rothschild book has really helped me recognize some dysfunctional self-talk I engage in!

I'll pray for you through this process, and may the closet be cleaned!

Carol said...

I too am enjoying Jennifer Rothschild's book. Has been giving me alot to think about, and realization of the words I've been using and how those words have affected me.

Enjoyed reading your post.


Tiffany Stuart said...

Hmm, Linda Dillow's talk this weekend had one session on bowing our words as an act of worship. I love words and the Word.

Love your thoughts here.


Susan said...

Hey Heather,

This was great. I just wrote about words too.

Hope all is well for you♥