Saturday, August 23, 2008


Some songs bring back vivid memories. Avalon's CD was in my Toyota for the three years when we lived in Dallas. I drove up the freeway in the morning with this CD and came back home from the high school (where I taught) on the crowded roads with Avalon by my side.

I recently heard it on the radio again and it reminded me of how timeless some songs can be. I'm not a newlywed with no kids living in a big city anymore, but this song still describes my life.

May everything I say or do testify to His great love!


Amy Wyatt said...

I love Avalon too. This is a great song. I love your new picture by the way. Not sure how long its been up since I haven't had a chance to bloghop recently with school starting.

Jenileigh said...

I remember this one. Thanks for sharing have a blessed TSMSS!

Susan said...

Hey Heather,

Yes, this is an oldy but goody for me as well!!

Thanks for bringing back some great memories.

How are you these days?

My hubby is still gone...(sigh)

Oh, what a day it'll be when he finally returns!!

Hope you guys have a super blessed weekend♥

PS Love your new picture!!

Earthmommy said...

This is one of my very favorite songs. It was one of the first ones I started listening to three years ago when I first returned to my faith. It was a dark time and this song was a light in that dark.

MyJourneyBack said...

This may be an oldy and goody to some but my daughter still loves it. It came out when she was in high school and she still has the c.d. in her car and she is a wife and mommy now! Thanks for sharing it!
Have a Blessed weekend.

Peggy said...

Amen too! May I testify to His Great Love along with you and others in this beautiful body of Christ! I love Avalon also...and I just notice your new photo too!!! Is that you?or the other one??? Enjoy your weekend and bountiful bessings,
now that the man's home...Thank GOD!