Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer Fun Days

Hey! Hope you had a great weekend. I know we sure did - it was filled with fun summery activities. These are things that everyone's childhood should contain: tree climbing, swimming at the beach, and lemonade stands.

We had our village summer fun festival this weekend and the kids soaked up all the fun they could. On Friday night, they won t-shirts for singing Karaoke for the whole street party to hear and they participated in the coloring contest. We ate fried cheese curds, corn dogs and ice cream and they enjoyed watching the strong man competition.

On Saturday morning, they set up their little lemonade stand in the front yard. I couldn't make the lemonade fast enough. The little guy stood on the edge of street yelling, "Lemonade - 50 cents!" No one can resist a three year old salesman. I think all three year olds should have the opportunity to start their own business :)

They then were able to spend some of their profits on tiaras and candy. That afternoon, they participated in water ball. This was great since the youngest two recently decided they both wanted to be firefighters when they grow up so they can work together. "Yeah, then I'll see you everyday when we go to work," says my little firegirl princess to her brother. So, they stood behind the powerful hose and tried to push the basketball across the line. They didn't win, but they did get soaked to the bone. What a way to spend the day!

Then, on Sunday afternoon, they opted for the beach over the parade. They got to show off their newly acquired swimming skills (after two weeks of lessons) to their dad. Back floats, strong leg kicks and lots of splashing: they almost ready for the Olympics!

Each child even had the chance to go in the woods with dad this weekend. Cutie Bug saw 23 deer in the field when she went on her hike with Dad. She was almost as excited as he was.

Lemonade, water and woods: that's what childhood is all about!


Julie said...

Sounds like an awesome summer weekend.

She'd love living up here, we have deer in our front yard some days and one day the boys saw a black bear.

Have a blessed day,

Ann Kroeker said...

Sounds like a great summer day for just about anybody, but especially the kids!

Way to support their efforts with all that lemonade preparation!

Denise said...

Woo Hoo, sounds like alot of fun sweetie.