Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm at Laced with Grace Today...

Have you ever had doors close in your face every which way you turned? Me too.

Come read my devotion at Laced with Grace today:


Kathy S. said...

Heather, you changed your photo!! I recognize you! Pretty!

You must be having a busy week. I'll pray for you, with kids back to school, and you back to school.

Miss Sandy said...

What a beautiful picture I envisioned as I read your post on God hemming us in. My mother used to sew much of our clothing when I was young. I would get so excited to have a new garment and knew the finish was in sight when she began to them it. Sometimes her hemming pins would prick me a bit as she was adjusting the hem to perfectly fit. Ultimately the discomfort was worth it when the new garment was finished a a perfect fit. AS I read your post I saw being hemmed in by God not as being trapped but as in Him loving stitching up a new garment for me to wear, just like He provided your husband with a new job. He is a master tailor although His hemming pins may prick a bit from time to time, He ultimately has a finished garment that is tailor made to His life plan for us. I am off to memorize the beautiful verse you referenced!
Thank you for moving my soul!

Miss Sandy said...

P.S. May I copy your devotion to keep for personal use? I'd love to have this in a personal file I have that I like to reread from time to time.

lori said...

Girl...I've been swamped and I'm JUST reading this!! It was great! Had plenty of doors SLAM...only to see the WHY's much further on down the road!

Hope all is well over there!:)

Great devo!