Wednesday, May 7, 2008

WordFilled Wednesday

Fish courtesy of Daddy and his girl.


Denise said...

Cool picture, and verse.

lori said...

THAT is the COOLEST post of the day!! LOVE it...funny thing..I just bought a fish spoon rest...(it's VERY cute not squishy fishy looking) for Scott since everyday he leaves his spoon on a paper towel from his coffee...(he works at home and comes down several times a day for MORE!!) I told him it would remind him of that EXACT verse!!

He'll laugh too...I'll show him!! It's a theme kind of week!!


Melanie said...

Oooh... I really like this, Heather!

Jenelle said...

Great picture! I'm ready to go fishing.

Anonymous said...

now if that doesn't make you think, i don't know what would!
God Bless!

Lana G! said...