Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It seems like it was just Thursday how did it get here again so fast?

Some things I'm thankful for this week:

*Barbeques, potato salad, watermelon and jello cake

*Dinner out and a date night with my lifetime lover

*Turtles, minnows and worms...

*Bible Study - today was our last meeting for the year. Thanks ladies for a great study and for your sweet gifts of appreciation.

*A husband who is sold out for Jesus. He's going to be speaking this weekend to the men of our church (and community) about maintaining sexual purity in an immoral society.

*One first grade girl who braved the inside of a digestive system (a model at the children's museum)

*Another little girl singing about dinosaurs "We will, we will STOMP you! Woo!" and four in the bed (complete with a nightcap) at her end of the year program

*A God who never changes, who remains forever loving no matter what is going on


Denise said...

Wow, such a wonderful list of thankfuls.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet list, Heather!! I love the thankful part about summer...BBQ, potato salad, watermelon, and jello cake!! Since we both live in the north, we appreciate those things so much this time of year because there are only a few months we can enjoy them. I didn't know how lucky I was when I lived in the south!!

Thanks for your prayers for my baby's eye surgery on Tuesday. It was completely heart-wrenching to watch him go through that but he is doing much better now. I've got an update on my blog.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!!

Susan said...

Hey Heather,

Yes, it's Thursday, again! Time does fly by huh?

I finally got to see Prince Caspian it was GREAT.

I just love little Lucy, is she precious or what? I want her child-like pure faith.

Congrats on your new additions to your family, I've have my share with 5 sons!

Hope you have a blessed day♥

Julie said...

I loved reading your Thankful post and your Newest Addition to the Family. Last year my kids caught a snake and a lizard. Because I am a "mean mamma" they were not allowed to bring either inside. I don't share a house with snakes or lizards!!!!

What a treasure it is to have a husband who is speaking out on sexual purity. My husband too does some speaking at the men's retreats here. They are doing a Wild At Heart retreat in October that he will be speaking at. I am so grateful to have a like-minded partner on this journey with me.

I know you are too!


jennifer in OR said...

Great list!! BBQs this time of year are the best, I agree. That made my list, too!

sharon said...

Amen to the last on your list!

Lynn said...

Oh Heather,

Another beautiful and heart-filled post. I always love to read your thoughts about your life and the people you love. I can't wait to meet you one day. Happy TT.

Becoming Me said...

I loved this HEather, especially how you describe your husband

Peggy said...

Looks like you had a GREAT Memorial Weekend! Mmmmmmmmm! Making me hungry for BBQ & Potato salad,& I even tried making some so I'd feel like I was home in MN, not Mexico...but watermelon we have, it's just not the same...oh well, what an aMazing TT list! Amen for your sweet your end of the year kid's triumphs, and I stand together with you in praising & thanking a God, who never changes!How awesome is His Amazing LOVE! Be blessed & thanks for the visit and encouraging words!!You are ONE great Mommymonk! Dinosaurs, turtles, minnows, digestive system, purity and a date aMazing TT! Peggy

Amy L Brooke said...

I've tried my first hand at Mr. Linky but I need someone to test it. It's all about Prince Caspian! (Yes, he was easy on the eyes) No that wasn't what the post was about. But if you want to pop over if you have time and try it for me!

Tiffany Stuart said...

Thanks for the comment on my Laced for Grace devo from last weekend.

It's been a while since I've had regular time to peek at blogs. Miss it.

Hope you are doing well. I love the thanks about the children..

Ann said...

Mmm, we had our first watermelon of the season too--yummy! Gotta love kids and what they find, say and do :)

Heather said...

What a great list, Heather! Yay to Hubby for tackling a tough, almost taboo, topic. I pray that God will give him the strength to be bold.

Have a blessed day!