Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thankful for KIDS

I was trying to have an adult conversation on the telephone and make some ministry plans. But, the kids kept interrupting my conversation with real and imagined needs.

"I need a drink."

"I need a snack."

"My fish is dead," (he waves it in front of my face, dripping slime all over the carpet), "and I want to bury him in the garden."

"I'm bleeding!!!"

"So-and-so is riding her bike down the hill, can I go with her?"

Is it urgent?

"Yes - she's riding down the hill RIGHT NOW and it can't wait."

Then, in walks Darth Vader in his snowmobiling helmet. I "hohhh" NEED "hohhh" YOU "hohhhh"

Time to get off the phone. Grown-up conversations may need to wait for a little while longer. Darth Vader and his big sister with the bleeding lip NEED me.

Sometimes I resent being needed so much, so often, so interminably. And right about then I hear a deep sign from the adult on the other end of the line whose kids have long ago left the house. "I sure miss those days."

That's my reminder to enjoy the helmet-wearing-fish-carrying-bike-riding-butterfly-creating days. They won't last long. I'm so thankful for each one of them.

I'm thankful for my kids.

I'm thankful for the Van Gogh imitation on my wall.

I'm thankful for the cocoon hanging in a jar and the anticipation surrounding its emergence.

I'm thankful for my boy who knows just what he wants to be when he grows up.

"I want to be Jesus." (I hope he means Jesus with skin on. Because there's only one Jesus!)

What will you do?
"I'll go all around the world."

Doing what?
"Saving people." (Melt my heart)

That's why I'm thankful for KIDS today. They have a view into eternity that is not obscured by the world. They are full of promise and hope.

What are you thankful for today? Go visit my friend Iris to join in on the thanksgiving!


lori said...

You got me with this one...If we aren't careful we'll miss the entrance of a superhero...

We have cocoons too...The LOOK on Hayden's face when he went out and saw they'd cocooned was PRICELESS...

I just LOVED this post...I'm going back to read it again....
it was just THAT good!!

taking it into Thursday with me!!
Thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

happy TT. God bless you more. =D

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

Heather, this was AWESOME! I am right there with you, Sister! Thank you for such wonderful reminders......

Thanks, too, for your comments on LWG devotion. It's funny that you said it reminded you when the Israelites read the scrolls. I was reading in 2Kings today when Josiah read the Book of the Law and thought about the similarities ....and Chelle commented about the same thing in Nehemiah....God's Word brings us to repentance, joy, and worship. Oh, Lord, how I want to fill up on it every day with deep appreciation!

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Heather. I so appreciate your encouragement.


Denise said...

Bless you for being thankful.

genny said...

Thanks a lot for sharing hope you have a nice week and may God bless you.

Heather said...

What a sweet post, Heather! I think we can view these as distractions and interruptions (like the little hand stealing its way onto my keyboard right now!). But they are ministry moments themselves.

Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

Happy TT Heather,

Oh what a beautiful reminder and memories for me!!

I miss those days♥

This was great!

Blessedw4mom said...

Thanks for such a great reminder to really enjoy the littles ones running thru my home ;-)

Great TT post!

Blessings~ Heather @

Mary said...

Okay....I laughed and laughed! Such sweet memories of our 4 children growing up. The kids come first, grown up conversations were usually interrupted. And I developed the motto..."ya gotta laugh or you'll cry". We had lots of laughter at our house! HA! Blessings on your weekend.

Nise' said...

Yep! As a mom on the other side they come and go so fast and you do miss it. But on this side, it is wonderful to have those adult conversations with your kids!!!

AutumnRose said...

I like yours :)
Mine is about kids, too :)
Blessings, AR xx

April said...

That is beautiful and so true. I have the blessing of being a SAHM and there are days I have to remind myself it is a BLESSING!! Someone else could be dealing with all the chaos but then that someone else would get the snuggles too!!

Gina's Public Diary said...

How precious what your little boy said!
I remember doing that to my Mom when she was on the phone when I was little. hehe

The Olson's: said...

Thanks for the gentle reminder to appreciate each moment, frustrating or not, with our kids. They really do grow up way too fast.

Today, I am thankful for TRUTH, God's truth!
~ Leanne

Ann said...

I love how kids give us a different perspective on faith and God!

Marsha said...

Children are always something to be extra thankful for... and now I'm also thankful for my 5 grandchildren! Oh what fun!

Thank you for your endearing post.

Melanie said...

Heather, I love this post and it is such a great reminder to us all when we have those moments of frustrations with our children.

Happy Thankful Thursday!

Jamie said...

Me too!

Lelia Chealey said...

In the middle of mourning with the Steven Curtis Chapman family over the death of their little one, this is really a great reminder to just love on what God has entrusted us with...our time with them is so short.
Great post my friend!

southmsmomof4 said...

Absolutely beautifully written! I have four children ages 2-15 and often 2-4 extra little ones here at the house on a daily basis. I so know what you are talking about. What a nice reminder to know that we should be thankful for this time because it all passes by so quickly. I talk more on here then on the phone now days, because I can stop...take care of the children and get back to the conversation without the person on the other end ever hearing the noise in the background ;) Thanks so much for sharing your heart. Be blessed,

Amy Wyatt said...

I loved this post! We so need to be thankful for all these things because they will be gone before we know it.

Julie said...

I wish I had taken the time to savor the moments more.... but I didn't. I got caught up in the "care of my children" and the "need to be in ministry".....
I didn't give them my best years....

But I consider His word, "I will restore the years the locusts have eaten"....Joel 2:

This was a beautiful post, things that need to be remembered.

Thanks for sharing,