Friday, May 9, 2008


I was thirteen years old, mature beyond my years, and wiser than most adults. Or so I thought. On Sunday mornings, I worked with the two and three year old Sunday School class as a teacher’s assistant. After church was over, I would walk into the sanctuary and try to find my parents amidst the mass of people. Well, let’s be honest. I WAS thirteen. I was hoping NOT to find my parents.

From far across the room, I heard a loud silly laugh. My mother’s calling card. Though I was shorter than everyone else in the room, I could find her by her laughter. At thirteen, I was embarrassed. Didn’t she see that everyone in the room could hear her laughing so loudly? And in church, for goodness sake!

There she was, over by the piano, yucking it up with her friends. I was mortified. She wore a bright colored flowery blouse, which only added to her colorful personality. Her joy spilled over onto the people gathered around her.

At thirteen, I didn’t really know much about my mother. I knew she was great at making happy face pancakes and that she was unashamed of her Halloween pumpkin costume. She did make a pretty crazy birthday party complete with backwards food selections and a fortune teller in a bath towel turban. She had a way of making an event memorable. Here’s a hint: Just wear goofy glasses.

She filled my room with her creations: homemade bears and bunnies, lovely Bible covers and some adorable dresses and jumpers when I was younger. She taught me to love baking all kinds of sweets. We used to make plates full of treats for all of our neighbors each Christmas. She makes the best pot roast in the whole world. Her spaghetti sauce has even won a competition (I know the secret ingredient!)

I woke up on Sunday mornings hearing the piano playing beautifully in the dining room. She gave all of her daughters a love for music. She spent hours each week preparing for worship and making it a valuable experience for everyone. I still miss that on Sunday mornings.

Here’s a few things I didn’t know about my mother when I was thirteen.

She’s a hard working, diligent woman who aims for excellence in her work.

She is full of spunk and loves to find the fun in everything. Though I was once embarrassed by her laughter, I now appreciate her sense of humor. I’m so serious all the time – I need someone who can make me laugh!

Her heart is full of love. She is a generous and hospitable woman.

She genuinely cares about people. She wants to make them feel comfortable and she reaches out to those in need. I’m so proud that she’s my mom!

Happy Mother's Day MOM!


Lelia Chealey said...

What beautiful words spoken over your mom. The respect is spoken loudly.
Enjoy Sunday with your children.

Carolee said...

Here having lice can be a blessing :) ...I was working alone with two little ones in a classroom as an aide and in the beautiful complete truth only a child can offer up, one of the little girls announced why she had been absent from school the previous day. I could honestly assure her our home had been through the same. The three of us shared, laughed and at that moment I realized we had nothing to be ashamed of! I loved your post too...Happy Mother's Day! from someone who laughs alot these days and embarrasses her kids to boot!

The Olson's: said...

Very inspiring! It made me stop and think about what I appreciate about my Mom, as well as what kind of legacy I want to leave for my children.
~ Leanne

SharonB said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom!