Thursday, May 1, 2008


The NEW Internet Cafe...

The cafe is a place to kick back, grab a virtual chair at our table, and allow God to fill your cup to running over. It's addictive, but only He can satisfy the craving of your soul. Join us for your daily dose of inspiration.

You'll find both new and seasoned devotional writers over there every day. So, grab a mug of non-fat, sugar-free mocha and join me for a morning meditation.

If you ever wondered why I call myself a "Mommy Monk," head on over to read my devotional for today.

*Just click on the coffee cup to get in the door.


lori said...

Happy early BIRTHDAY..I'm afraid I have you by a few years....I'll be huffing and puffing to BLOW those candles out!!

the people are "mum!!" can't get anyone to SPILL the beans on the "secrets" and "whispers!!"

FABULOUS POST....Scott read it too..he agreed...said, "Wow, she's good...." I said, that's why she was first!!;)

don't'll hurt!

Becoming Me said...

Congratulations Heather! I just found your blog and look forward to reading more from you.

lori said...

Hey girlfriend...NO BLACK HERE!!
Do you know that you had 21 comments today...I think that is the most that a post has EVER gotten at the cafe! WELL done faithful servant!!

I just KNEW you were the right one for "lead off!!"
Now go have a rest!!
thank you!

Julie said...

Dear Sweet Heather,
I am so blessed by your post at Internet Cafe'. I am an "older" woman.... turned 50 this year. I have 5 children, ages 21 to 10. I didn't know what you discovered until much later. I spent many years living as a religious woman beating myself up inside when I couldn't do my "routine quiet time".

You have discovered a treasure from heaven. I was so totally blessed by how you wrote it. I can tell you have a very precious, teachable, heart that wants to know HIM.

Keep listening. He is speaking to you.

Bless your day,

PS. I am also a writer on the blog team, though pretty new to writing. It is the desire of my heart to encourage women to know the delight of the relationship with God instead of the responsibility.
I'd love to have you visit my blog and get to know me. I'll be back and in fact am linking you to my blog.

Mel's World said...

LOVE IT! Thanks Heather!