Friday, May 16, 2008

Grow in Grace

Somehow, despite the odds, this plant is thriving. There's a story behind it...
Go read about it today in my devotional at Laced with Grace.


Amy Wyatt said...

This was such a great analogy. I could so relate!

The Olson's: said...

I checked out "Laced with Grace" today. I agree with Amy, it's a great analogy!
~ Leanne

Lynn said...

Headin' over there after TT post.

lori said...

I just went over and read this one....I have to tell you...this part got me...

"I go through patches with little watering (time spent in the Word and prayer) and then I try to make up for it by over-watering. Parch myself. Drown myself. Repeat."

It does comfort me to know that I am not alone...but I NEVER thought of it like that....What a great analogy!! I do it with plants and I do it with me....My plants don't thrive and neither will I.... more drying out!
Heather this one was one of my ALL time Favorite Heather posts!!

It was just the DRINK I needed today!!