Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Poetry Month

April is poetry month, so I'd like to invite you join in on a fun challenge. Go here to participate in writing a poem a day for the month. Sounds challenging, huh?

In honor of poetry month, I'd like to post a special poem written by my six year old. She's a natural.

It is winter.
The smell of fresh is the wushing wind.
The Polar bear is roring like this ror!!!
Polar bears are very cool and big.
The smell of fresh is coming very soon.

(Spelling errors left intact to authenticate the six year-ness of the poem :)


Tiffany Stuart said...

Are you going to write one a day? If so, where? In a journal, online? I think the link is to Writers Digest. But I haven't made sure.

Cute poem, friend.

Anonymous said...

Katie, that was wonderful! Grandma Cathy

Denise said...

How very cute.

Miss Sandy said...

How adorable! I am ready for the freshness to come very soon myself. he expressed that so well!