Thursday, April 3, 2008

Life is Dirty

Last week, the dirt began to surface. Have you ever noticed how your beautifully clean yard changes instantly when the snow melts off? Within 24 hours my yard went from pristine to embarrassing. Long lost mittens, once buried plastic bats and forgotten newspapers now litter the muddy yard.
It just goes to show that no matter how hard we try to cover the dirt, it’s bound to resurface eventually.

You can read the rest of my post today at Laced with Grace...


Denise said...

Looking forward to reading your devotion.

Sita Henderson said...

Hi Heather,
I chuckled when I read your post 'cause my yard looks exactly the same this morning--where did all that 'stuff' come from? It is now raining and the damp cold penetrates your bones. I am looking forward to double-digit weather this weekend!

As for covering the dirt, after a while you learn that it is always eventually exposed. So we have the choice, live in fear as to when we will be 'discovered' or live transparently covered in His grace. The latter choice means Satan loses leverage against you.

However, to choose the latter, I must have a humble and contrite heart which is a process that is long term as I daily submit.
Be blessed, Heather.
~Love, Sita~

Vicki said...

Hey Heather! You speaketh with much wisdom to be so youngeth:-) Love you, girl. Always enjoy your posts.

Miss Sandy said...

I'm off the read the rest!