Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm Poisoning my Family

I braved a blizzard to reach the retreat destination in time for our long awaited time away. The retreat was in limbo for a few days as we watched the forecast and wondered if it would be as bad as they predicted. Yes, it snowed and yes it blowed. It huffed and it puffed but it did not blow down our plans.

We spent the weekend worshipping, fellowshipping, studying the Word, encouraging one another and praying for one another. God's Spirit was present and I sensed Him moving in many hearts. After we explored the different fruit of the Spirit, we spent time considering the challenges we would face upon arriving at home. It's easy to be spiritual when we are in isolation but the rubber hits the road in our homes, doesn't it?

So, I'm here to tell you that I think I may have left my fruit at the hotel. I came home floating a little bit, still strung out from my retreat-high. I loved on my kids who tackled me instantly after I opened the door. I snuggled up to my husband who looked haggard and worn.

The poor guy can't sleep without me. I am so blessed. How did I get a guy who loves me so much? He built a shelf in the laundry room for me while I was gone and he cleared the snow from the driveway. He fed the kids and cleaned up their messes. He even cleaned up the cat's puke.

So, I decided to treat everyone to a nice breakfast this morning. Now, here's where I went wrong. I made pancakes and little man found a ziplock baggie with leftover sausage in the fridge. I didn't think much about it (due to day-after-the-retreat-hangover) and put the sausage in the microwave to warm up.

Ding. (Or maybe I should say "DING DONG") The nasty, old sausage that made us sick last week is done. Now you can serve your family some salmonella, poison them and go back to your life of isolation.

Note to self: When you want to convey to your family how much you love them and missed them, DO NOT serve them food poisoning. (Everyone is doing just fine. They didn't eat the sausage by the grace of God).

My husband says I'm so heavenly minded I'm of no earthly good.

Maybe I should have just stuck with the fruit theme.


Denise said...

Praise God your family is ok, love you.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Close one! I've had the Retreat hangover before! Aren't they great!

Anonymous said...

I laughed till I cried! Little man there is no one like you!
Grandma Cathy

lori said...

WHEW!'d have had the family "hovering" for DAYS...What a blessing in the blizzard!
You made me laugh!!!
now off to the grocery for you!:)
HA!! welcome back!!

Mel's World said...

Thank God that they didn't eat it...I have come home many a times from the post conference high...good thing you were able to fight through the enemy's plans.

Welcome Home!