Friday, February 29, 2008

Introducing the Amazing Pimple Girl

I'm sure you've heard of BarlowGirl and Zoegirl. And you've probably heard the rumors about Obama girl. But, do you know "PimpleGirl"?

Able to ward off handsome men with just a look... (Except the one that really counts)

Able to draw the attention of a crowd in only minutes....

Leaping past the cat food aisle to reach cosmetics...

She's pimple girl!

Be on the lookout for her because she seems to be appearing more frequently these days. Yes, I know, you thought she would be a young teenager, but it turns out, she actually a mom!

Shocking, isn't it? She is seen more regularly at certain times of the month, but don't be fooled. She can pop up at any time, unannounced.

And then she works her magic.

All I have to say is,


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Denise said...

This made me smile, lol