Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Distinguishing His Heavenly Accent

Shhh! Close your eyes, turn off the television and the stereo, and listen. He's speaking. Are you hearing?

Do you recognize that sweet voice? Do you know His tone, His accent? God's voice is:

Gracious (Ephesians 1:7-8)

Just (Romans 2:6-8)

Holy (Exodus 15:11)

Merciful (Psalm 5:7)

Loving (1 John 4:8)

True (John 14:1,2)

When He speaks, it will always be in accordance with His character which He revealed to us in His Word.

A few words about condemnation vs. conviction:

God’s conviction is kind and specific whereas Satan’s condemnation is general (i.e. you’re a terrible person) and leads to shame.

God’s leading brings peace, not confusion. If we lack peace, it can be a signal that we’re listening to voices other than God.

God calls us to take leaps of faith and to walk on the path less traveled. Is this new step going to stretch you spiritually? That’s a good sign that it’s from God.

How has He been speaking to you today?


Amy Wyatt said...

Faithful Chick is doing 10 minute Tuesdays and yesterday her scripture was John 10:27-30. "My sheep listen, hear, know my voice" (depending on which Bible version you are using" I didn't get to post a thought on the scripture but your post this morning struck a chord with me. If we are His sheep... we are listening. And we know His voice and we are able to distinguish it from all others.

Denise said...

Such a beautiful post my friend.

Angie said...

Heather...I think we are in that "stretching place spiritually". It's not feeling very good...but we are learning to LEAN---and TRUST.
I thank you for your kind comment on my CWO Cafe post. You are a tremendous blessing to me!
Thank you for praying for Wanda.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very thought provoking! This week He is trying to knit peace into my heart. It seems like with a 1 & 3 year old "peace" sometimes goes out the window. But, I'm learning peace isn't just about quiet & order. It's about a state of the heart. Thankfully that's one thing the boys can't make a mess. I'm the only one that can do that. And, boy do I ever some days!!

Have a great day!

Sita Henderson said...

Satan is fond of pouring 'condemnation' on me. Thank you for reminding me to distinguish from God's conviction. Be blessed today. Sita

lori said...

"God’s leading brings peace, not confusion. If we lack peace, it can be a signal that we’re listening to voices other than God."

my friend told me a long time ago, that if it is confusing or not's not of GOD....turn to know when I really began to LISTEN to that in my life....what changes...
I know when I slip, the day goes just downhill.....

peace, in HIM.....that's where it is....

BUT your post the other day on hurrying from one to another....zooming around the! you spoke to me...
pacing...slowing down to see what He wants me to see....

I've been doubly blessed with BOTH posts....

SharonB said... know His know the difference between lies and truth...we need these reminders from time to time...thanks friend.