Monday, January 21, 2008

Some Frozen Cheer

This fall, I received a packet from Renee Swope with a fun Scriptural teaching activity she created. It's all about digging for gold in our kids. I won't steal her thunder, but the idea has been taking hold around here as the kids are rewarded with a golden chocolate coin if I see "golden" attributes displayed in their lives. This week we focused on cheerfulness - not just the personality trait of being upbeat, but the conscious choice to be cheerful even when others aren't or the situation isn't your idea of fun.

The first coins were handed out when Cutie Bug wiped down the table happily and the second went to her sister Missy for saying the silliest things and cracking me up. Little man is almost always cheerful, so it wasn't long before he had a coin too.

Just thinking about their attitudes changed my own. I wondered if I could award myself a gold coin (too bad it's not really gold)?

The sun shone this weekend (miracle of miracles) and I sat in my favorite corner soaking up the rays in a little pool of light. I needed to get outside but the temperatures forbade it. Would you go on a sunshine filled walk if it was 30 below zero and the weather station sent out a weather advisory warning of frostbite and hypothermia?

I did. I waited until the afternoon when the temperature had risen to a balmy 20 below and I strapped on my snowshoes and got out there to enjoy that sunshine braving the arctic winds. Nevermind the fact that you could not see my face behind the muffler, hat, and headband. My hair froze from the condensation of my breath making me look like a walking snoman. I saw bunny footprints and deer tracks while my muscles worked and my soul got a boost. So, I had fun. Yes sirree, I think I deserve a gold coin!

P.S. We made this snowman a month ago - you don't think I'm crazy enough to have my kids making snowmen in this weather, do you?


Celly B said...

I had seen this "Mining for Gold Chart" by Renee on the Proverbs 31 resources and was interested in it. I'm so glad to have read about someone putting it into practice. I'll have to check it out.

It is cold here down in SC, too--a rarity! Stay warm!

Susan said...

I really like the gold coin idea. I might have to try this one in our house.

Denise said...

Great idea my friend.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm not complaining about the negative six wind chill we had in Detroit on Sunday. I'm getting sympathy from my southern bloggers but I'm guessing you won't give me much?!?!

What a cute idea with the coins. Of course right now my youngest would eat the coin but I think my 3 year old might begin to understand the concept.

I'm sorry I haven't sent you the DJ stuff. Man I had a bad week last week. I am back with a bounce in my step and will get it out to you in a day or two...I promise!!

A Stone Gatherer said...

I love the idea I will have to go to her blog and check it out. Always looking for new things to use to teach the kids and me new ways to show Christ! Your a brave soul to go out in that weather! I'm glad God blessed you with all you saw and felt!