Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To Do Today:

1. Make Gingerbread men and eat them.
2. Make snow angels.
3. Throw snow balls at all of my kids.
4. Drink Hot Cocoa with whipped cream on top and a candy cane as a stirring stick after coming in from the snow

5. Use the red and green play dough to create "Christmas cookies."
6. Watch a Christmas movie together as a family with popcorn and candy.
7. Sit in my lazyboy, gaze upon the Christmas tree and watch the fat, fluffy snowflakes falling outside the windowpane.
8. Read a novel while sipping my cocoa and watching the snowflakes.
9. Play Christmas music loudly for all to hear (that's the best way to spread Christmas cheer!)
10. Hug and kiss each of my treasures: especially my lumberjack lover (who you see here chopping down our majestic spruce).


SharonB said...

Sounds like a glorious day!! Can I join in? :-)

Denise said...

I love your to do list.

Dana said...

Great list!! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

I like the part where you make gingerbread men and eat them. They are so tasty! Blessings, Rose

lori said...

WHAT a day....
send some snow our way!!!