Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Rifle(?) Season!

Each season is ushered in by unique scents letting our noses be the first perceive the changes coming. Fresh cut pine, cranberries, and ginger create images of Christmas time in our heads - the joy of advent, the chill of winter, and the shorter days ahead. Fragrant hyacinths, tulips and lilies are first to communicate spring to our noses. Summer is filled with the scents of fresh cut grass, ripe tomatoes, sweaty children and watermelons. In the fall, the crisp air smells of dead leaves, pumpkins, cinnamon and ripe apples.

But it is neither summer, winter, spring or fall around here. It is HUNTING season. And the fragrances of the season are poignant and memorable.

I hung the laundry on the line today....but not before I washed my hands in scent free soap. Not just any old soap, mind you, but the kind that costs extra because it is literally scentless. The blaze orange clothing has been washed in SPECIAL detergent that once again is free of scent. And to make sure all scent has been killed, the clothing will be sprayed down with White Lightening. I have no idea what that is or if it really works at all. You would think that guys sitting up high in trees all day long would want nothing to do with lightening, but what do I know?

I reach into the fridge for some apple juice and find the doe in heat scent. Mind you, this is not just the typical synthetic kind of hunting scent. No, around here we have the best top notch stuff. Real deer pee. In my fridge. Right next to the apple juice.

As I remove the hunting clothing from the scent protective containers, a new fragrance assaults me. Dirt. Why did I clean all of this stuff for it to smell like dirt?

Go figure.

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Denise said...

lol, this made me smile.

lori said...

hey there,
LABEL those clearly...
If deer pee smells bad, imagining it tastes NOTHING like apple juice..
you are a brave WOMAN!
ahhh, the men we LOVE~

Anonymous said...

Yup! I understand, it really does smell like dirt! lol

Anonymous said...

It is not dirt. It is called natural earth scent and it smells lovely. your loving hubby