Friday, November 23, 2007

Friendship is Colorful

Thank You Father for the friends who bring bright crimson into my life - those brave souls who wear red jeans to Christmas parties, who paint rooms with brick red hues, and whose presence adds spice to every gathering.

Thank You Father for the friends who add warm golden hues to my heart - the people who hug first and talk later, the family members whose prayers are neverending, the smiles that radiate joy of the kingdom and friends whose care lightens my load.

Thank You Father for the people who splash turquoise jewels into my lap - those transparent people who allow You to shine through their weaknesses, those treasures of friends whose love is genuine and whose lives brighten my day.

Thank You Father for the tangerine friends who squeeze sweetness over everything in their paths. For their fruity fun attitudes and the way they liven up my days with their juiciness!

Thanks to Denise and Sharon for this special award of friendship which was created by
Yesu's Garden.

Thanks to my real life and blog friends - you add color to my life.


As We Sail... said...

It's beautiful to read this. I enjoyed you Ps. 23 post too.

Denise said...

I love you precious one.

SharonB said...

This was a wonderful tribute to friendships!! :-)

lori said...

THAT was just sooooo cool!!!
I loved it!!
how creative!!