Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall Fashions for Your Heart (How do I look? part 2)

It's time to put away the shorts and t-shirts and get out the mittens and hats. I'm going to have to lock up the sandals since little Missy doesn't understand why she can't wear them when there is frost on the grass. There are a few items I'm reluctant to put away too. I love my capris, but it's just too cold for them these days.

So, I'm wondering, are there some items that we've been wearing on our hearts that need to be put away too? Some heart clothing that needs to be undated or thrown away? Have we been wearing bitterness, pride, or jealousy down there? If we ask the designer of our hearts, "How do I look?" what would He say? If it's time for a heart makeover, let's go clothes shopping first!

Colossians 3:12-17 gives us some other clothing that our heart should be wearing. What kind of character makeover does your heart need? Let’s begin with dressing our inner person with beauty and work our way outward.
Compassion- tender sympathy. How do I look? Am I caring and sympathetic? Am I sincerely concerned about others?
Kindness – benevolent action. How do I look? Do I actually do something to help someone in need? Who have I been kind to this week?
Humility – a lowly attitude toward God. How do I look? Am I reverencing God in my daily attitudes and actions? Do I trust Him to be the One sovereign God?
Gentleness – meekness, a lowly attitude toward others. How do I look? Is there pride in my life that needs to be cut out? Do I place the needs of others before my own?
Patience – self-restraint. How do I look? Are my frustrations and irritations controlling me or am I in control of my emotions? Can I face disappointment and frustration with a peaceful attitude?
Bearing with each other – Am I patient with others’ failures? Am I understanding of weaknesses and imperfections? Do I give grace to others?
Forgiveness – Do I carry grudges or do I forgive graciously and freely?
Love – The most beautiful characteristic of all. Love is what ties our beautiful outfit together. Without love, our ensemble would be lacking.

I hope as you do your fall shopping, you will remember to do some heart shopping as well. Get rid anything ugly and replace it with true beauty.


Denise said...

I love, love, love this post. I also love you my friend.

Dana said...

I loved both of these posts! Season changes is always a good time to examine our hearts along with our clothing.

I guess were kind of fortunate here, we never have to put away the sandals. The pool is warm enough to swim in but neglect the last few days have left it green :)

Thanks for the timely reminder. It goes along perfect w/ the message I heard last night from Beth Moore. God must be telling me something.

Heather said...

Love both of these posts! It's so easy to get caught up in the expectations of the world instead of our Lord. Thanks for sharing!