Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Works for me Wednesday - Apple Peeling

Apples abound this time of year. We eat apples around our house as if they really did ward off doctors. I find rotting cores under beds (yes, that is disgusting!), littering my yard, piling up in garbage cans, but the best part of apple season is the pies! My kids enjoy apple baseball too though I'm not sure I'd recommend starting that since they can't always remember to only play with rotten apples.

Apple pies with crumb topping hot from the oven topped with creamy white vanilla ice cream is true comfort food. In preparation for the days of comfort food, we make 8 or more pies and freeze them. This nifty apple peeler makes the process swift and relatively easy. Using teamwork, the process is a memory maker each fall. This year my husband peeled (and sliced and cored at the same time - amazing!)all of the apples. My 6 year old Darling used a dull knife to cut the slices in half and my mother-in-love made pie filling in a huge pot. She had some help from Little man and sweet four year old Missy. They mixed together the butter, flour, cinammon, etc. and made a sweet sticky mess all over the floor. Our feet stuck to the floor for a week. Now when I have company I just pull a homemade pie out of freezer and ta-da! comfort is served.

A few weekends later we tackled the applesauce and the same system worked smoothly. We even had less sugar on the floor this time (I think the kids "helped" less). The peeler is magicical, I'm telling you, and it's worth using if you love apples!


Mrs. Brownstone said...

Mmmmm! I want that pie recipe!

What a great way to spend time together as a family!

Thanks for sharing!

Denise said...

Sounds great to me.

Laane said...

Here the kids loveapples too.

The neighbour has a large tree that carries loads, and we can get it all.
So we have "Apple day" once a year, when we gather most apples.

The kids put them in the buckets, and I peel them all, slice them and try to keep up with what comes in.

I make apple saus, pies and some other nice things with them. Give away plenty to the neighbour and others who like it and the rest is for us and the freezer.