Friday, September 7, 2007

Scubbing Muddy Toes

30 dirty toes soaked in water for 5 minutes + 1 soapy washcloth =
Unlimited spontaneous giggles and spiritual service

All I could think about was Jesus’ command in John 13 as I scrubbed my kids’ filthy feet. I wonder if the disciples laughed too? Sometimes I think dying to self and living for Christ sounds so serious and difficult which is why I never imagined that spiritual service might involve FUN.

In my present situation, as a mother of young children, dying to self means serving my children with a glad heart. My children’s needs always seem to come right at the moment when I’m tending to my own personal needs. This type of spiritual service tests my selfish nature daily. Dying to self is such a painful process but last night’s foot scrubbing revealed the life that can be found on the other side of death. I’ve been so caught up in the dying part that I forgot about the living part.

I’m ready to start enjoying my life as a servant-mother instead of dreading the daily death to self motherhood requires!

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