Thursday, September 6, 2007

A rainbow! A rainbow!

Grey, ugly clouds filled the sky as we headed out for preschool this morning. The kids had not been obeying and I was my usual scatterbrained self, so we were running late. I was irritated at everyone but I couldn't put my finger on the real reason for my tears. Someone I love dearly is struggling....I can't really say more but my heart hurts for her. I almost allowed myself to go down the path to a self-indulgent pity party until I heard my 2 year old say, "a rainbow, a rainbow!" I looked up in the sky to see the rays of the sun piercing through the dark clouds in several bright rays. The image spoke deeply to me of God's power to pierce through any darkness in my life at just the right moment. It wasn't a rainbow but it was powerful.

I'm thankful for my son who directed me back to THE SON.

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