Monday, September 24, 2007

A Prayer for the School Year

Lord of all the earth, Father to the redeemed, Savior of unlimited grace,

Pour out your favor and loving-kindness upon my children. Bless them in all their endeavors this year.

Be a strong shelter around each child – a champion to defend their cause. Protect them from scars – both physical and emotional. Guard their tender hearts from the cruelty of others.

Be their shepherd – guiding them away from wrong choices, gently whispering in each ear when to turn to the left or the right.

May each of my children (Darling, Missy and Little Man) live in the shadow of Your wings and never by disobedience leave Your protective hedges. Hem them in behind and before; hold them tight in Your embrace. Reveal Yourself again and again to each one.

May they choose each day to follow You. May they be drawn by Your irresistible love. May they rely on You and put all of their trust in You. Shine brightly in their small souls – a light that cannot be extinguished by any power.

Wednesday morning is "See You at the Pole," a time for students to gather and unify in prayer for their schools. Won't you join me in supporting them in prayer also? Also go visit Bob Hostetler's site for 31 prayers for kids.


Denise said...

I will gladly join you in pray for our children, they are such blessings.

ellen b said...

Praying along...