Sunday, September 16, 2007

Naked...and so very Ashamed

My hidden self is laid bare before You Lord and I cover my eyes in shame. So much selfishness, so much of me, so little of You, so much taking, so little giving, so much pretending, so little honesty, so much guilt…

Your hand gently lifts my chin to look into Your eyes full of compassion and I see a deep well of never-ending forgiveness. You accept me? Even my ugly, filthy hidden parts? All of me?

My tense body relaxes into the peace of cleansing, the hope of renewal, the beauty of redemption. Fear dissipates and is replaced by unimaginable joy. I am free from sin than entangles my soul with darkness. I am purified by the simple act of faith.

Reproval. Renouncing. Repentance.

Restoration. Renewal. Rejoicing!

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