Saturday, June 30, 2007

Speaking Topics

Heather Cox’s Workshop Topics

Extreme Makeover:
Heart Edition
Just like the Cinderella story of transformation from rags to splendor, our hearts need a complete makeover to be truly beautiful. Inner beauty (a gentle and quiet spirit) and clothes that won’t wear out begin the makeover. Next you will meet your new personal trainer in order to get in shape spiritually. Lastly, we will discover health food for the soul in order to maintain our heart’s true beauty!

Mumblings of a Mommy “Monk”
Heather’s signature workshop centers on contemplative prayer in the life of a busy woman. How does a mother of three little kids experience contemplative prayer? How can overextended women find time for silence and solitude? What are the benefits of centering prayer and how can we make connection with God a true priority in our lives?

Awakening Your Senses to God
Do you want eyes to see the face of the Almighty and ears to hear the voice of the Almighty? We each long to know how it feels to touch Him and even to taste the goodness of the Lord. This seminar is designed to usher you into the experience of God’s presence by using your God-given imagination in a holy and Biblical way.

Holiness is not just for the perfectionist type A personality! What does holiness look like? Holiness can be defined as being devoted, used, and surrendered. Why is holiness required? How do we seek out holiness? This workshop is an innovative approach to holiness and not another list of do’s and don’t’s!

Thank God I Married a Country Boy!
Let me hear a big “Oh no!” for the redneck wife! If your husband has a heart for the country (farm life, outdoor activities, hunting, fishing, etc.), you appreciate the unique challenges “country” wives face. This seminar is full of funny anecdotes hunting “widows” can appreciate and practical suggestions for rekindling the romance with your outdoorsman whether you’re sitting by the fire counting the stars, riding a tractor or ice fishing together!

Tackle that ‘Tude!
Let’s attack pessimism in ourselves and our children! Have you ever had one of those terrible, no good, very bad days? We’ll discuss a Biblical approach to attitude focusing on Philippians 4:8 and look at several practical suggestions for taming troublesome ‘tudes. These ‘tude tamers are for all of us, whether we are parents or not.

Really, Truly, Completely
Authenticity is a key component of true Christianity. How can we recapture the attitude of Jesus in being real and sincere in all we say and do? This session explores the challenges to finding true authenticity and the rewards of complete sincerity.

Twinkle, Sparkle and Shimmer
This Christmas message inspires women to keep the focus of Christmas on the Light of the world. In the chill of winter, may each of our homes and hearts shine with an inviting warmth from within.

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